The Secret of Your Soul Contract: REVEALED

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You’ve probably heard about a “soul contract”; we all have one. The basic idea is that before you incarnated into this life, you agreed to the lessons your soul would work on in this lifetime.

The funny thing is, I recently had an “ah-ha” moment about how we humanized this concept so much that it may be hindering spiritual learning. I want to share my ah-ha with you because I feel that starting this month (March 2024) and going forward for at least two more years, this will be an important lesson we will be learning on both a collective and individual level.

In this current 3D society, we are taught that learning lessons involves a few things:

  • You must be doing something all the time or you are lazy and not learning your lesson.
  • Learning your lesson usually involves punishment of some kind (i.e., “Well, you learned that lesson!”).
  • It’s all about only you.

My “ah-ha” came in the form of pondering a message from Source, “you need to talk about the Lesson of the Witness.”

My reaction: What?! Witness? Me doing nothing but watching like life is some big Netflix show to be binge-watched?

Note, my reaction to this is both punishing: “You want me to be a coach potato to life?” and calling myself “lazy” because we are programmed to think stillness isn’t purposeful.

And then - OOOOHHHHHHH! It’s like Shavasana (corpse pose) in yoga. If you’ve ever done yoga, we all joke that you can’t wait until the end of the practice because you get to lay there at the end like a dead person, doing nothing. However, Shivasana is noted for being the most difficult pose in all of yoga, even though it does not require balance, coordination, or flexibility.

It is the most difficult because it requires stillness. Stillness is something we are taught we should not be in our western culture.

The thing is though - stillness is where all the biggest lessons begin.

Stillness brings the slow down to become aware of our thoughts. Stillness brings the ability to choose how we want to feel. Stillness brings power back to the connection we have to our soul. Stillness brings the ability to step into observer mode.

Observer of our own thoughts, of our experience and to witness others' journeys and THAT IS HUGE!

Stillness brings the ability for us to be in the lesson of the witness.

If there is one thing I would say causes a lot of challenges for humans, it isn’t so much not being able to express themselves. Of late, humans LOVE to express everything they are feeling all at once in an unchecked kind of way. The reason that this feels so lopsided for everyone (or in other words - unkind) is because…for all the yelling and screaming - no one is feeling heard.

I will say that again - no one is feeling heard.

And this is because, in ALL of the lines of lessons in our unified soul contracts, there is one item which is being ignored because it is the most challenging and that is: the lesson of being the loving witness.

Humans don’t like to witness pain and suffering in others because it triggers either memories of their own or “what might could be” for them. They don’t like witnessing too much happiness because it triggers “not enoughness” in them. Witnessing is only easy when “everything is ok in the world.”

If you’ve noticed, the world is not very “ok” right now. When a theme gets really loud, we need to stop asking “WHY THE F IS THIS HAPPENING?!” and start asking, “What is my lesson here?”

I know you’ve heard this before but have you really put it into action in this big go a context?

Every thought you think, every feeling you feel (and there are a lot right now), and the energy of every single word you say is energy that is put into the collective. The world we are seeing right now is manifested from all that energy that we have put in. All the love and all the fear.

If you want to tip the scales more towards love - please stop screaming things like, “You should be more kind!” That statement is you begging others to do something so you feel better - “I am afraid if you don’t change, I will never feel better.” When the truth is, your energy would be better spent being kind in the face of unkindness than screaming judgment at others on social media…

That was a hard one for me too.

Learning the lesson of the witness is being able to observe something we don’t necessarily like and not judge it, not internalize it, not speak to it and not do anything but just witness it.

We don’t have to invite it to dinner, condone it, or approve of it. We don’t have to be overjoyed by it or sad by it or annoyed by it. We just have to witness it.

The energy of being the witness, the energy of love, of seeing what needs to be seen without attaching fear or anger to it - just witnessing - is then put into the collective. THAT ALONE is a calming agent to all that is going on right now.

If everyone could be a witness in this way for 1 minute per day, it would tip the energy of the collective to manifest something more compassionate for us to witness.

All this to say, Source’s channeled message is - it is time to engage and learn the lesson of being the witness. The longer you resist this lesson, judging it as feeling apathetic or scary because that is what your society has programmed. In actuality, when you are the highest form of The Witness, you are in the highest form of love.

The Witness is listening with the intention of processing the energy so it dissipates.

The Witness is the one who transmutes all this fear energy into love through just giving it space to release and dissipate.

The lesson of being The Witness is what we need right now, that is why the world feels like pressure building in a pressure cooker because everyone is screaming into a closed system.

It’s time for a natural release, where we each take on being The Witness, so we can learn that even though it may not “feel good” we are not only transmuting the energy of the collective but in ourselves as well. We are being The Witness for ourselves.

When you are feeling really down, is it helpful for someone to try and solve why you are blue? No. In fact, when folks do that it makes us feel unseen and unheard and most times no we are blue and feeling alone. However, when you are blue and someone sits beside you silently, maybe holding your hand or hugging you and just letting you process whatever you need to - that space is what is needed to feel better. That is what we need and what is needed. We need to learn the lesson of The Witness to heal both ourselves and the heart of our collective.

That is the secret lesson that our society does not want you to know is written in your soul contract and it is the lesson of the collective right now.

Will you be The Witness for others, the collective and maybe for yourself for just one minute today? 

Questions on this?  Let me know, I will try to support as I can. Send me a message here.


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