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I'm Soul Coach Michele Stans, a 4th generation intuitive medium, channeler, and certified holistic life coach. Let's bridge the divide between your soul's purpose and your life's journey.

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Hi! I'm Soul Coach Michele

I coach and support creative and spiritually hearted women who have highly analytical and logical minds that, although help us navigate the human world superbly, can sometimes get in our way when we are striving to manifest our dreams.

Learning to co-create with the Universe and tap into your infinite power as an extension of Source energy can start the ball rolling on manifesting everything on your vision board! 

  • Whether it's a new job or starting your own business...
  • Finding love and creating a family to surround yourself with
  • Rebuilding from a low point that came out of no where...

All of it is possible when you open up to allowing the Universe to co-create the life you want with you.  To read more about me and my "why" click the button below.

More about Michele

Let's Be honest...

No one hires me as their coach, schedules an intuitive reading with me or jams out to one of my meditations or videos because life is going great, your corporate job is TOTALLY soul fulfilling, your love life is rocking' and you just want to have coffee, chat and nerd out about all the woo woo stuff.

Usually it's because you've tried all the hacks, goofy rituals, and being told something external to you, IF you're good, is going to grant your wish, drop a gift down the chimney or leave it on your doorstep like Santa or Amazon if you just believe hard enough and keep a smile on your face, even when things are just shit rather than telling you the truth…

The TRUTH is...

Amazing, spiritual women like you usually hire me because I know a secret about you - I know where YOUR magic is and I know how to encourage YOU to bring that manifesting magic forward so you can clearly, confidently and consistently create the life you want for yourself through your soul driven work

ANNNNNDDDDD no - there will be no:

    • writing your intentions on a bay leaf and burning it, cause wasting perfectly good bay leaves like that is a sin to a kitchen witch like me
    • writing affirmations 55 times for 5 days straight to manifest things - to me is a punishment for talking in class back in the day .I can tell you from personal experience, writing “I will not talk in class” like that did not manifest me not talking in class but I did get a a massive writer’s cramp - but still talked in class! shocker…
    • shoving rose quartz in your bra to manifest more love - all I know this has manifested for you are some bruised ta-tas and a bigger cup size…
    • so - no none of this goofy bs will be involved in your spiritual manifesting journey with me cause - ew.

My promise to you, whenever we work together, is:

...for you to leave any private meeting, group session or other interaction we have together feeling more clear, confident and empowered in your life than when you came in. To give you a clear understanding of practical manifesting with that spiritual “woo-ness” you love and no more spiritual bypassing, toxic positivity, or other glitter covered BS that takes your power away and gives it to something outside of you.

My intentions for you is to support you in reconnecting you with your inner divine being, aligning your intentions and your beliefs, teaching you to retain and stand in your power so you can start manifesting the life & soul aligned career, love and life you want!

If that's you're intention too, which I sincerely hope it is, then...

It's time for you to take that next step and for us to work together!

...the Universe has your back and so do I.

Check out the options below and choose what resonates best for you.  If you're not sure which might work - Let's talk it through and see which option would work best for you and go from there.

Soul ReConnection Experiences

1:1 Channeling Sessions

Connect with Source energy in intimate channeling sessions. Receive insightful messages and guidance to facilitate soulful shifts in your life.

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Private Coaching

Experience personalized support and guidance on your soul-shifting journey. Unlock your true potential and align with your deepest desires.

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Celestial Soul Circle Membership

Join a community of like-hearted women for soulful gatherings and channeled meditations. Experience deep connection and support as you navigate your entrepreneurial journey.

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Soul Coach Studio, LLC

“With Michele as my coach, I manifested a new personal trainer, reinstating my HR certification and money (and SO MUCH MORE!). Michele's approach to coaching is an amazing mix of no-nonsense, good-humored, warm-hearted, straight-forward guidance with exercises that really helped me delve into becoming the best version of myself. My coaching experience with Michele really helped me realize, I have everything I need in my divine self.”

HRIT Specialist & Self Care Expert

Soul Coach Studio, LLC

“Michele offers a unique approach to manifesting in a way that really focuses in on your heart center and purpose to ensure what you are manifesting is aligned with YOUR truth and passions. The tools she provided gave me the insights I needed to see I was still judging some of my truths and holding on to expectations of others. It was such a freeing experience and I am so grateful! Thank you Michele!”

New Earth Coach, Natural Wellness Products & Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Soul Coach Studio, LLC

“I tried so many other metaphysical teachers, coaches, and guides only to be left disappointed and discouraged. When I decided to work with Michele, I was a bit worried and anxious but that lasted only until we began working together! I experienced such dramatic soul shifts that I could see and feel immediately! It is such an honor to work with Michele! I have unfolded towards my purpose and manifested experiences and opportunities I wouldn't have even thought of before we worked together! I am forever grateful to Michele!”