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Co-Creative Life Coaching

I coach and support creative and spiritually hearted women who have highly analytical and logical minds that, although help us navigate the human world superbly, can sometimes get in our way when we are striving to manifest our dreams.

Learning to co-create with the Universe and tap into your infinite power as an extension of Source energy can start the ball rolling on manifesting everything on your vision board! 

I specialize in supporting woopreneur women and spiritual side hustlers like you to manifest their leap from that soul sucking 9-5 corporate job into their soul aligned businesses or a more aligned corporate career as well as general manifestation teaching.

All of it is possible when you open up to allowing the Universe to co-create the life you want with you.  Sound interesting?  Let's connect.  Start your journey by clicking the button below.

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Private Channeled Readings

Not your ordinary every day card-slinger

I started my intuitive journey more than 4 decades ago through sharing channeled readings for friends, family and clients.  Since then, I've evolved, grown and expanded into being a spiritual teacher, advisor, coach, and author.  

However, I have ALWAYS loved doing private readings for folks to channel Spirit's message for you to help give clarity, energy healing and clearing, connecting with crossed over loved ones and any other messages Spirit may have for you.  As you may tell, I am not your ordinary everyday card-slinger.  I do not do future based readings but rather soul level spirit messages that you need to hear for your spiritual journey and direction.  Your future is up to you - I am just here to remind you that you are not alone in this co-creation.

Although, now my calendar is pretty stocked, I do love doing this kind of where when there is space for it.  Use the red button below to see what openings I have and if you see one snatch it up because it might now be there later!  Looking forward to seeing you on my calendar!

All private sessions are:

  • 1 hr long
  • on Zoom
  • Recorded and emailed to you after your session
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Celestial Soul Circle Membership

Self Care for woopreneurs, spiritual side hustlers and light leaders of all career paths!

Here's the thing, there are A MILLION coaches out there from all philosophies who teach you to run your business, your social media, your email marketing... ALL THE THINGS - BUT.... In my own woopreneur journey I have heard a lot of talk and not a lot of doing or offering of accountability to self care for the Woopreneur woman, spiritual side hustler and office light leaders.  We talk a good game to our clients about self care but how much do we take out own advice??  

Welcome to the Celestial Soul Circle.  A circle of woopreneur ladies, spiritual side hustlers and light leaders of all careers who come together for the soul / sole purpose of recharging, renewing and receiving nurturing through Full and New Moon Circles, pop-up workshops, monthly manifesting challenges and more.  You are an extension of Source energy and your work is an extension of YOU!  Join use to recharge the most important asset to your work - YOU!

For More Info & To Join Us Click Here
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Self-Paced Journeys

I have been sharing spiritual journey guidance for decades and now, as requested by a lot of clients I am in the midst of beginning to create a self-propelled course collection to support you in your journey.

Here you will find everything from beginner workshops on things like Law of Attraction, understanding your chakras and how to work with affirmations to more robust courses about the Universal Laws, Journeying to Your Akashic Records and my favorite photopic Co-Creating a life you love with Spirit / Source / God / The Universe. 

And the best part?  It's all at your own pace.  Go as fast or as easy as is right for you. Once you register for a workshop or course, it's yours to keep to come back to over and over as much as you need and at a pace that works for you.  AND best part - I am always accessible throughout your learning in case you have questions or need extra support.

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