Isn't it funny how we tell our clients, colleagues and friends that self-care is not a luxury but it's a must, yet a lot of times, we as Lightworkers of all walks of life, have a hard time taking our own advice and setting aside time for the spiritual self care we all need?

Well, if this resonates - you're in the right place!

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Calling all Woopreneurs, Spiritual Side Hustlers & Light Leaders of all careers!

Have you been searching for a space to recharge your energy and connect with like-hearted individuals on a spiritual path? Look no further! Welcome to the Celestial Soul Circle, a supportive monthly membership for Woopreneurs, Spiritual Side Hustlers and Light Leaders of all careers.

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The truth is...

a rising tide lifts all boats and woopreneur women need other woopreneur women to both support and be supported by...

The truth is, there are already more than enough coaches out there offering business advice to woopreneurs - that's not my zone of genius nor is it my passion.

I am a Soul Healer and a Soul Coach.  This means I support women woopreneurs, to heal the rift between their outer world and their inner world.  I help you reconnect to your inner being, your soul.  That is my role and I am super passionate about it!

Part of that passion is re-igniting your inspiration and  accountability to your own self-care. The very self care we tell our clients to put first in their lives...

...but a lot of times we are last on our own lists and that's not creating a good example for those we recommend the same self care for.  

This STOPS now!

It's time for you to practice what you preach, my dear one!  YOU deserve some spiritual self care.

The truth is...  Healers need healers, coaches need coaches, and readers need readers. If we aim to be 100% present for those we support, including our beloved clients and families, it's crucial to ensure we support ourselves in the same way. 

This realization inspired me to create The Celestial Soul Circle, a safe space where spiritual leaders of light can come together to recharge and receive the nourishment they need to be the healer or coach they want to be for themselves, their family, their colleagues and their clients. 

Regardless of whether you're a full-time woopreneur, have a spiritual side hustle, or are a spiritually-hearted woman navigating the corporate world, we all share the common goal of bringing light into the world and supporting others on their journeys. 

However, it's important to remember that you can't pour from an empty cup

If you're seeking a supportive community of like-hearted woopreneurs, woopreneur wannabes, and spiritual side hustlers, I invite you to join The Celestial Soul Circle.

This is a place where you don't have to be at the head of the table; instead, you can simply receive, share, and recharge.

Won't you join us?  We'd be thrilled to welcome you.

A nurturing community for Light Leaders of all Careers...

...whether your work is your day job, side hustle or soul aligned full time business, we all need to prioritize self care so we can bring our best selves to the service of others.

In the Celestial Soul Circle, we...

:: Meet at least twice a month on Zoom for 1.5 hours for Full & New Moon Energy Sessions. We also have pop-up sessions for special occasions such as Solstices, Equinoxes, or retrogrades.

:: Provide session recordings in your personal dashboard in case you are unable to attend but still want to experience the energy.

:: Explore the energy of the New & Full Moon's sign and lunation.

:: Set intentions, plant seeds at opportune times and focus our energy on manifesting our dreams!

:: Engage in gratitude rampages when appropriate.

:: Connect with our intuition, guides, and ancestors for guidance.

:: Share and support each other in the nurturing environment of an online Community (not on Facebook!)

:: Participate in grounding activities to find balance and stability.

:: And more...

This circle is grounded in the Divine Feminine energy of the moon

This circle is grounded in the Divine Feminine energy of the moon, which helps us not only create the path, experiences, and life we desire as spiritual business people but also clears away blocks through gentle self-discovery. We honor our individual journeys and move forward in self-accountability within the group.

What sets The Celestial Soul Circle apart is our ability to have fun. While we take the work of honoring ourselves and the light we wish to bring to the world seriously, we don't take ourselves too seriously.

Please note that our moon circles and the other cosmic activities we might gather to do don't follow a structured format with modules or online learning content, except for the replays. Instead, we provide live circles of energy to support you in the co-creative manifesting process of your dreams!

Any pop-up workshops, however, will probably have more structure to them since they would be more of a learning environment.


Answers for some of the most asked questions...

Nope! Although most members are those who are either already active woopreneurs or those who are working on their spiritual side hustle, there are also those who I call Light Leaders of all Careers. These are ladies who maybe still work in a corporate environment (or are retired from it) and allowed their spiritual journey to be part of their work to bring light to their workplace.

This group is for all women who are light leaders of all careers. Whether you are the light bringer in your corporate work place or you are currently running or looking to start your own business - the fact is you are bringing your light to wherever and who ever you work with. And a lot of times we put others first and carving out time for our own self care second - and sometimes never. This group is a place to find both accountability to your self care and the nurturing of your spirit whatever your professional journey is.

No Facebook group was an intentional decision. Energy flows where focus goes. It's hard enough to navigate a world that is constantly vying for your focus and energy. Facebook is no exception. So I wanted to create a space where you didn't have to worry about that or Zucky's peeping eyes on our conversation. That's why we have a community message board in Voxer. Once you register as a member, you will be guided in the orientation section on how to join Voxer for free and connect with the group. This way you can stay connected to other members and Michele in between Zoom sessions.

No worries! All of our Zoom sessions are recorded and the replays are then placed in the Celestial Soul Circle content area on your dashboard. To view any of them, just login using the "Client Login" item in the top right of the menu bar.

Soul Coach Michele is your guide for this group and all the material found on this site. To read more about her, follow this link:

All the materials for the group are super accessible right from your dashboard. You can login at the website and use the "Client Login" item in the top right of the menu bar. Once logged in, you can access all the digital content, Zoom replays, downloads, and all other offerings for this group. And we even have an app! So as far as where and when - the answer is EVERYWHERE there is a mobile device and a wifi connection.

The monthly energetic exchange for membership to the group is $97USD per month.

Although I would be sad to see you leave, I understand everyone comes together for a reason, a season or a life time. If you are unhappy or have a concern, I ask that you reach out to me privately to chat and that way we can see if there is something I can do to help. However, I know sometimes you just feel complete with your work and if that's the case, you can cancel your membership any time.  Just reach out to me at least 5 days prior to your next membership payment at and we will take care of it.