Stepping into the Light: My Journey to Embracing Conscious Channeling

You've probably heard of Channeling. You might be familiar with Seth, Bashar, Abraham, and maybe others. You're probably used to them saying something like, "Let me invite them in…" before they have an obvious shift of consciousness, and then the channeled being tends to speak through the person.

I have been called to channeling my WHOLE life, but this way of doing things never felt aligned with who I am. In fact, I knew in certain instances I was and do channel but not in this way. Since I had never seen anyone do what I can do - I just thought no one would understand. So, I just hid it behind oracle and tarot cards or other divination tools.

Now, though, I am so excited and at a point where I am feeling courageous about sharing the idea of Conscious Channeling. It's a thing, I do it, and I want to begin sharing it with you!

What is Conscious Channeling?

I feel this is a good place to begin because it’s not what has been shown en masse up to this point. Conscious channeling is a way of tapping into the wisdom of the universe and the Akashic Records while staying grounded in your human experience. Picture it as a heartfelt conversation between you, me, and Spirit. It's about being a conduit for divine wisdom, allowing messages of love, healing, and guidance to flow through me while remaining true to myself. It's a process of surrender and trust—a willingness to be vulnerable and open to the mysteries of the universe. During the process, my consciousness does not step aside, as it seems to do with other channels. I may not remember all of what is said but I remember the concepts shared - which is kinda interesting and truly helpful to not just the person I am channeling for but also my own journey.

My Journey with Conscious Channeling

I've felt the call to conscious channeling my entire life. My first step was mediumship because that’s what I was comfortable with at the time. I had never seen a conscious channel before, and so I had no idea it was a thing. I know I don’t need permission to do my own thing, but I was young and didn’t know what I know now.

For the past few years, the calling to step into Conscious Channeling has been growing louder and louder for me. This year, as we move deeper into the Age of Aquarius, the call to step into the role of conscious channeling has become undeniable for me. I am told by Spirit that in doing so, both me shining my light and encouraging others to do the same through my teaching of the Soul Alignment Work Coaching I do, sharing Source Energy Q&As both via my YouTube Channel and in private sessions, and hosting my Celestial Soul Circle group supporting female light workers and light leaders so they can recharge and support their communities is what I am supposed to be doing right now. It is a little scary, but much to family and friends' dismay, a lot of times, I don’t shy away from a challenge. I may whine about it for a day, but I don’t shy away.

As I continue to walk this path, I invite you to join me—to explore the depths of consciousness, to embrace the beauty of our interconnectedness, and to discover the magic that lies within each and every one of us.

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