Practical Insights into Your Soul & Life Purpose

You've probably seen countless courses and workshops on discovering your Soul Purpose or Life Purpose. Well, my take on it might raise a few eyebrows, but I'm here to spill the tea—for free. I'll break down what it all means, the real difference between them, and how you can uncover yours.

The insights I'm sharing were both downloaded to me by spirit and, after a lot of pondering, I have found logically sound, once I decoded everything Spirit channeled my way.

I've kept this wisdom to myself, fearing it might disrupt established business models. But the time has come to share it freely because it has brought massive AH-HA moments for understanding your Soul and Life Purpose to myself, my clients and all who I have shared this with privately, thus far.

Soul Purpose vs. Life Purpose: Are they the same?

Nope. The Soul resides in the energetic realm, connecting you to Source/God. It's your Divine reminder, your God Particle System (or GPS). Your Life, on the other hand, is your 3D Earth experience—the ego-driven part of this lifetime. Your Ego isn't the bad guy; it gives you individuality but can create an illusion of separateness. The Ego is your teacher through free will, presenting the choice between love and fear every second. If you're here, you're likely choosing to reconnect with your Divine inner being and striving to choose love on all fronts.

What's my Soul Purpose?

Contrary to popular belief, we all share the SAME Soul Purpose: Joy, love, and abundance. Simple, right? Despite our differences, on the soul level, we are all one. Society's programming has veered us away from this concept, but it's time to change that.

What's my Life Purpose?

For most, this is a massive question. Society's programming from childhood can cloud our true calling. To step into your Life Purpose, the self-deprecating beliefs must stop. Your Life Purpose is how you manifest your Soul Purpose into the 3D world. Simple truth.

Aligning the Two and Manifesting Your Dream Life: How?

Choose to live a life that brings joy, love, and abundance. Listen to your Soul, align with what brings you joy, and live from that place. Ignore the naysayers; this is when things start to change.

My Story:

After the Nashville Flood of 2010, I reawakened to my Soul Purpose. Despite a seemingly amazing life by societal standards, I was numbing myself out and loathing my work. I realigned my life, took classes, joined supportive groups, hired coaches, and in 2018, I leaped full time away from corporate America and into my own Soul Aligned, purpose driven work as a Soul Coach

My work is two-fold: 

:: supporting women to reconnect with their inner divine being 


:: creating a re-alignment plan for those not aligned with their Soul Purpose.

In conclusion, if this resonates with you, ask yourself: 

  • What brings you joy? 
  • What's your work?

Do the answers you come up with!



Hey there, I'm Michele, your friendly neighborhood Super Woo and Soul Coach, dedicated to being your partner on your journey to soul reconnection and manifesting the life you've always dreamed of.

Whether it's finding love, landing your dream job or starting your business, write that book or song, manifesting your ideal home, or simply discovering inner peace, I'm here to guide you every step of the way. With more than 4 decades of experience in metaphysical studies and intuitive coaching, I'm passionate about helping you unlock your highest potential and bring your vision board to life—finally. Let's embark on this transformative journey together and create the life you truly deserve. Connect with me on my YouTube Channel or by visiting my website to learn more about how we can work together to make your dreams a reality.

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