Empowered Soul Reconnection Workshop (1200 x 627 px)

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Join Soul Coach Michele for our next Empowered Soul Awakening Workshop. 

"An empowered soul manifests dreams!," Soul Coach Michele

An empowered soul is fully aware of its purpose and how it fits into the "spiritual being having a human experience" formula.  Your Soul Purpose is Joy, Love, and Abundance.  Your Life Purpose is how you, in your human form, manifests your Soul Purpose into this 3D experience."  It's that simple...but unfortunately we have been programmed since childhood to disconnect from our soul and its purpose to seek approval, validation and love externally to manifest our joy, love and abundance.

This Soul Reconnection Journey is where we deprogram from this notions that just doesn't work and you begin to reconnect to your soul and start manifesting the life purpose that actually brings love, joy and abundance!

And it all starts here!

This Channeled Gallery Reading style workshop is set with the intention to support you as you begin your journey back to self, reconnecting to your soul purpose and clearing a path for you to move forward in your life purpose with clarity and confidence!

This workshop package includes:

✨Step 1 - your pre-work Energy Audit questionnaire to start immediately upon registering to get you reconnecting with yourself & submit a question for Spirit to be answered in the Gallery Reading workshop

✨Step 2 - join the hour long live Channeled Gallery Reading to answer any questions you may have (replay is included and will be sent via email to you)

✨ Step 3 - leave feeling lighter and more connected to your inner being for clarity moving forward

✨Bonus:  Soul Reconnection Tool kit filled with affirmations & meditations which you will receive immediately to your inbox upon registering for the workshop

Energetic Exchange for this workshop is $33 USD

Spots are limited for each workshop

Transparency note: I won't be able to answer everyone's individual question in an hour's time. However, the intention we all set in attending this gallery is all questions will be answered for you by what is shared. You may even find answers to things you didn't know you needed in joining us for this evening.

Your Soul is calling - ready to start the journey back to you? Join us!

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